Lez Zeppelin Slays Sexism

Lez Zeppelin was hardly the first all-women outfit paying tribute to all-men rock bands. But when the group formed back in 2004, the trend was in its infancy. AC/DShe and Cheap Chick were around, but the Iron Maidens, Misstallica, Ramonas and many others had yet to form.

What all of these bands have in common is the unfortunate necessity of proving themselves. Even in 2018, many still view all-female bands as a novelty. Sure, kitschy names and gender puns don’t help establish credibility. Still, male tribute bands often have silly names, and they don’t have to work nearly as hard to prove they’ve honed their musical chops. Lez Zeppelin guitarist Steph Paynes views this perception as a challenge to overcome – and overcome it she does. Read on…

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