Tribute Show - Bee Gees Gold Tribute

Brothers Gibb, a legend brought back to life…

A sold-out audience at Woodlands Auditorium experienced the ultimate salute to the Bee Gees. Backed by a live band, the unique styling and exact harmony of John Acosta (Barry), Michael Welsch (Robin) and Jeff Celentano (Maurice) created a vocal sensation.
If you walked in during their opening number, “Night Fever,” you would have shouted “I’m seeing and hearing the Bee Gees!“
The ensemble, backed by Aaron Tully on bass guitar and “Shadow Dan” Sia on drums, recreated the look and sound of the Bee Gees from the ’60s’ to the late ’70s. Celentano was skilled at the keyboard and Acosta proficient on lead guitar.
Acosta said, “I’ve been singing Barry ever since I can remember. He had the most precise falsetto and defined vocal range and I’ve studied his technique for years.” Acosta sang with several groups until about four years ago when he formed the tribute band, bringing in Celentano and Welsch.
Barry Gibb’s lead vocals were expertly performed by Acosta and Celentano and Welsch added their skilled voices on solos made famous by Robin and Maurice.
The audience applauded as each song was launched and cheered as each ended. The ensemble encouraged attendees to join in as they recreated many Bee Gees hits, including “I Started a Joke,” “Massachusetts,” “Stayin’ Alive” and closing the show with “You Should Be Dancing.” It was certainly a celebratory night at Woodlands with singing and dancing in the aisles.  Continue reading…