LIVE AND LET DIE: Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney

“Tony Kishman sounds like Paul McCartney.” — George Martin, Beatles Producer

“Tony Kishman is a great musician.” — Paul McCartney

Veteran of the Broadway hit, Beatlemania, Tony Kishman has toured worldwide with productions of “Twist and Shout,” and “Classical Mystery Tour”.

“Live and Let Die” features a four piece band led by Tony Kishman (vocals, bass, guitar & piano). You’ll hear, complete in every detail, hit songs from the Beatles catalog and Paul McCartney’s solo works.

Songs including: Hey Jude, Penny Lane, Live and Let Die, Yesterday, My Love, Uncle Albert, Let It Be, Maybe I’m Amazed, Hello Good-Bye, Long and Winding Road, Silly Love Songs, Jet, and many more…