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Jimmy Bosch

Ambassador of Salsa Dura

January 18, 2017

Ambassador of Salsa Dura, Jimmy Bosch is loved and respected by Salseros the world over. From, Warsaw, Poland to Rabat, Morrocco, from the Americas to Japan and Asia, from Russia to all of Europe, Jimmy is highly regarded for his ability to entertain an audience and keep the dancers dancing.

Celebrating 20 years as a band leader having launched his solo career in March, 1996, Jimmy has the experience to turn the heat up in just the right moments. He is a leader, a passionate trombone soloist, a lead singer, a composer and a dancer. Jimmy Bosch is the ultimate professional on and off the stage.

Recorded on over 100 productions as a solo artist in his 45 year career, Jimmy has colobarated with such greats as Ray Barretto, Ruben Blades. Eddie Palmieri, Manny Oquendo y Libre, Cachao, FANIA Allstars, Pete el Conde Rodriguez, Celia Cruz and more. Traveled the globe performing Live Salsa for audiences in over 40 countries, Jimmy Bosch, his fiery and melodic trombone solos, his lyrics, and ability to entertain and transmit energy puts him in the Royal Court of the hearts of all Salseros worlwide,

Recorded on 8 Grammy award winning productions

Jimmy Bosch has the dance bug in him all his life. Jimmy has taken dance classes with Eddie Torres, Yamulee, Adolfo Indanochea, Ismael Otero, Manny Santiago and many other dance instructors globally. He has his own style mixing old school and modern techniques, using his experience as a musician to express himself on the dancers floor.

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