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Mariachi Rock Revolution

November 30, 2015

“Beyond its metal-meets-mariachi genius, Mariachi Rock Revolution captures the complexity and beauty of the everyday bicultural experience that isn’t relegated to one language or musical genre. Their sound embraces our in-betweeness, a place where cultural lines are blurred.” —Nancy Flores – Editor & Publisher – Austin Vida

“Mariachi Rock Revolution is a must-experience live performance. The blend of iconic Latin music with stadium size rock is something that I’d recommend to any client looking to add a diverse and energizing experience to their program.” — Omar Lozano, Director of Music Marketing for Visit Austin

“We had the pleasure of hosting Mariachi Rock Revolution at Rock the River 2 and they stole the show! If you want to jam and rock out then Mariachi Rock Revolution is your band. Musically and vocally they are one of the most talented bands around. They put on one heck of a show!” — Patrick Quain, Event Director, “Rock The River 2” San Angelo, TX

Mariachi Rock Revolution is the brainchild of Austin Latino Rocker/Electric Violinist Haydn Vitera. The show is a metal-fueled, Mariachi-infused spectacle of sight and sound paying homage to the tradition of Mariachi through an unprecedented fusion with modern metal and electronica.

The machine gun rhythms of Vihuela fire over a bed of intense dubstep grooves, Requinto tradES licks with shredding lead guitar and Mariachi strings join forces with 7-string Viper electric violins.

“Metallized” Mariachi standards and well-known metal/rock covers are weaved into a performance rife with dark imagery and Mexican folklore and brought to life with incredible lighting effects and stunning video.