Lita Ford, Lez Zeppelin and the “Lemon Song”…

Legendary rock guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Lita Ford has teamed up with tribute band Lez Zeppelin on an all-new cover of Led Zeppelin classic, “The Lemon Song.” The song, premiering exclusively on, will be released January 20 on She Rocks, Vol. 1, a compilation album featuring 11 iconic female guitarists produced by famed guitarist Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label.

“Led Zeppelin are the godfathers of rock ‘n’ roll. They created a new sound that took music to a whole new level,” says Ford. “I knew every Zep lick on guitar. At the time, they were the ultimate guitar band and to revisit this song now has been absolutely amazing.”

Of their collaboration with Ford, Lez Zeppelin says, “We’re thrilled to finally have a chance to record ‘The Lemon’ for such a unique collection and to get ‘down on this killing floor’ with the great Lita Ford!”

A Grammy-nominated singer/guitarist who rocked alongside Joan Jett in The Runaways, Ford will be honored at the She Rocks Awards’ fifth annual show on January 20. The She Rocks Awards are hosted by the Women’s International Music Network to pay tribute to stand-out women in the music industry. You can catch the live-streamed show at

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The song remains the same: Female rock group performs depth of Led Zeppelin’s music

Steph Paynes is on a mission to show the world that the future of guitar-playing is in women’s hands.

As guitarist and band leader for the all-girls rock group Lez Zeppelin, Paynes has chosen what she considers the most beautiful but complicated rock repertoire — the work of the revered rock group Led Zeppelin — to prove it.

She and three other female rock musicians will make this statement in Redwood City this week, performing Led Zeppelin’s songs at Club Fox Thursday, Jan. 5

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