“Pink Droyd HAS to be seen to be believed! After having seen Pink Floyd in their prime with Roger Waters & David Gilmour, I can confidently say that Pink Droyd is the NEXT BEST THING!! SIMPLY AWESOME!!” —Billy Elvis, 92.3

“The show gave Floyd fans the opportunity to re-live those fantastic glory days of Pink Floyd concerts.” ===Louisville Magazine

“Pink Droyd is larger than life…they recreate the Pink Floyd experience better than any tribute performance I have seen….their visuals and attention to detail mirror the real thing, which is a mind blowing combination of Pink Floyd music, lighting and special effects……” —Doc West, WXKE

“The wonderful thing about Pink Droyd is their attention to detail with both music and atmosphere.” —Louisville Magazine

For over five decades the amazing music and live concerts of Pink Floyd has entertained and mesmerized audiences around the world.  Their live performances were both aurally astounding and visually brilliant.

Today Pink Droyd, a tribute to Pink Floyd, brings the look, feel, and sound of those shows to audiences, both young and old. Pink Droyd is both accurate to the Pink Floyd music and visually stunning with their robotic, intelligent light show, digital video accompaniment (including the Pink Floyd traditional circular video screen), and amazing laser show.

Pink Droyd brings to life the music of Pink Floyd by including theatrical performances of some of Pink Floyd’s most memorable songs.  From building The Wall to visiting The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Droyd spans the Pink Floyd catalog including the most memorable hits and some beloved obscure tracks.

With a combined Pink Floyd tribute band experience of over 50 years this all-star cast brings the music and experience of Pink Floyd to audiences at a time when the appreciation of Pink Floyd has never been greater!