Here’s what critics are saying about Daisy Jopling:


“daring feats of fiddling bravado” —  The Washington Post 

“Brilliantly entertaining” — Evening Standard

“Sublimely gifted musician” — Time Out Magazine

“dazzling us with her musicianship” — Independent on Sunday

“A lightening of the soul as the music fills the room” — What’s on Magazine

“ever more daring feats of fiddling bravado… she carried all this off with enormous good humor and a contagious engagement with the music.” — The Washington Post daisy91

“chamber music lovers simply must not do without discovering the violin virtuosity of Daisy Jopling. Here is music that is fluid- yet mysterious, played with simplicity and utter perfection…” — San Francisco chronicle

“It is exciting, as well as reassuring, to witness a young, gifted musician in the happy throes of genre-splicing, witty, creative fervor”  — Los Angeles Times

“A lightening of the soul as the music fills the room” — What’s on Magazine

“… It is extraordinary how her technical brilliance molds together with the emotional impact of her playing. — (English translation of the critic by Roman Pletter) Passauer Neue Post

“Daisy Jopling plays classical music with the energy and
spontaneity of a rock musician. She has a lyrical intensity that seems to
reach inside you with each stroke of the bow.” Tom Morris (winner of the Best Director Tony Award in 2012 for “War Horse”)

 “….The reason for her success is because of what she embodies: virtuoso expressivity and playfulness.  The emotional directness of her expression lets the music shine” — (English Translation of the critic by Andreas Felber) Music Manualmilenium edition

“intertwining high-speed runs with virtuoso lyric playing, generating tremendous personal electricity that added to the excitement of the music.” — BY PAUL J. PELKONEN, CLASSICAL EDITOR)

“…Daisy Jopling leaps with idiomatic fervor, stylish ferocity, and one thousand percent conviction…” — EPulse! 

“Above all, she plays with amazingly athletic virtuosity and seems to have fun doing it.”  — – The Washington Post 


What can I say about Daisy Jopling?Daisy Jopling
Incredible energy she does bring.
She’s wound like a spring…
giving you everything!
Your key to the classics opening.

So how does Daisy do it?
Years of study, she never quit.
Innovation and a sharing spirit, her grit.
Love and gratitude her inner kit…
The joy of music she can’t help but transmit.

Reaching, stretching both self and violin,
the body must move…we feel her adrenaline.
Music comes from inside; it is genuine!
Appears so easy…to see her grin…
Yet, inside we know, it’s years of discipline.

So go! Daisy, go!
Spread the classics to all whom you come to know!
Your light is a spark, heard as you bow,
living your talent as could only a pro
tossing Keys to the Classics as far as you can throw!

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