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Lisa Martin as ADELE

February 27, 2016

“Amazing” — ADELE

Lisa Martin is one of the UK’s number 1 Adele Tribute artists, but not your average
Adele tribute artists. In November 2015 Lisa appeared on the BBC with the real Adele.  The clip has since gone viral with almost 50 million YouTube views and well.. Lisa’s career has taken off.. from her global performance demand to reviews in Digital Spy, Radio Times, Big Top 40 and Capital FM plus many more..!

When Lisa met Adele at the BBC

Lisa Martin is one of the UK’s number 1 Adele Tribute artists, but not your average tribute,

Oh no! Cast your mind back to November 2015, when Adele wore a plastic nose and chin and pretended to be someone else.. Remember it? Good!

Lisa received a phone call from a producer at the BBC, asking her to send in an audition for a pilot, celebrating the life and success of Adele. Lisa, of course, sent in her version of ‘Make you feel my love’ and awaited contact.

Sure enough, the Producer called Lisa again and asked her to take part, with some other Adele Tribute Artists and impersonators. During her time there, Lisa and the other girls were introduced to ‘Jenny’, a late arrival. ‘Jenny’ was looking quite nervous and terrified. Lisa decided to talk to her and make her feel more comfortable.

Later on, while waiting to perform on stage, the girls were talking about Adele and that Lisa couldn’t wait for her new album, and ‘Jenny’ was being a bit cruel, stating that Adele was taking too long.

Lisa was then called on stage and performed her song, as did most of the other girls. The last one to perform was ‘Jenny’, still looking extremely nervous.

After missing her cue a couple of times, ‘Jenny’ started singing. Her voice was amazing and sounded very much like Adele’s. In fact, it was. During her performance, the girls one by one started realising that ‘Jenny’ wasn’t ‘Jenny’, she was in fact the REAL Adele.

The group of girls were in shock and were amazed at the fact their idol was right in front of them.
The girls went up on stage to chat to her. Adele told Lisa she was ‘amazing!’ She asked ‘did you recognise me? because you were staring at me…’ to which Lisa replied ‘no…I just thought you were vile…moaning about Adele taking time with her album…’ The artist herself responded with her trade mark cackle!

What an experience..!

Since then, Adele was involved with James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Lisa thought that she would do her own ‘budget’ version. This meant that herself and husband, Graham, would jump in a Ford Mondeo and film themselves driving around and singing the songs from the original…along with a Nikki Minaj rap!

Like in the original, where Adele spilt Tea all down herself, and ending up drinking it down in one, Lisa went one further… She had a bottle of wine!

It really is a feel good video, pulling in lots of interest from the media.

Lisa has had reviews from the likes of Digital Spy, Radio Times, Big Top 40 and Capital FM plus many more..!

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