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Cash and Friends

February 9, 2016

This is a very special tribute performed with love, respect and honor to the legacies of Johnny Cash, June Carter, Patsy Cline and Waylon Jennings.

About 'Cash and Friends'

The show stars Ben and Dana Marney, who have been performing together literally around the world for over 35 years. Ben and Dana do not imitate these legendary artists, but rather emulate their appearance, capturing their legendary essence, magic and charisma. They go to great lengths (custom made costumes, special guitars, wigs, beards, etc.) to recreate the physical appearance of these stars, however Ben and Dana break the fourth wall, come out of character and talk to the audience as themselves. This allows them to tell the audience stories and some of the history behind these amazing performers. It also allows them to develop a personal rapport with the audience that is a key part of their show.

The production is simple by design, there are no special staging or set requirements.  The concept is to recreate the same look when Johnny Cash was touring with a similar show performing in small theaters around the country.  He was known for his simple, (almost barren) stage.  On the Cash and Friends stage, you see Ben or Dana, or both and their musicians.  The only exception is a patriotic video that is shown during Ben’s performance of “Ragged Old Flag.”

The true strength of this show comes from Ben and Dana’s powerful vocal performances, their authentic costumes, their special rapport with the audience and most importantly, the legendary music of these unforgettable artists.  When you add the quality of Ben and Dana’s performance with these amazing songs you have an unbeatable combination for a great show. 

This production was designed to be timing flexible; allowing this show to be performed in various venues.  The full theater Production has a running time (including a 15 minute intermission) of two hours.  For cruise ships and casinos, the show is trimmed down to a strong Forty-Five to Sixty minutes.

The response to this show has exceeded all expectations, performing to standing room only crowds, receiving thunderous standing ovations in the theaters and on the cruise ships.

More on Ben and Dana...

Ben and Dana Marney have been performing together for over three decades and are still going strong….

They have performed their music literally around the world.  From the top showrooms in the United States, to as far away as South East Asia, India and Africa.  Most recently, Ben and Dana have completed a five year run performing for the Disney Cruise Line.

They have opened in concert for:

Rich Little
Hank Williams, Jr.
Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers
Moe Bandy
Johnny Paycheck
David Allen Coe
John Anderson
Bobby Bare
Doug Kershaw
Stella Parton
Mickey Gilley
Johnny Lee