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strangelove – THE depeche MODE EXPERIENCE

November 29, 2017

“Strangelove’s resemblance, both visually and sonically, to Depeche Mode is frightening.” —LA Weekly

“Your singer, Freddie, really has Dave’s mannerisms down!” —Martin L Gore, Depeche Mode

“Strangelove are amazxing on every level. you close your eyes and you think it’s Depeche Mode. You open your eyes and you think it’s Depeche Mode!” —Steven West – 91XFM

These men have a reverence and devotion to Depeche Mode and their body of work that has driven them to recreate every possible detail and bring the “Music To The Masses” in a concert setting that often feels more like a shared communal glorious fan club celebration of yesteryear, and a reliving of youth. Accuracy and authenticity is a hallmark of the group, with the band employing as many authentic vintage synthesizers and archaic samplers as possible.